March 24-26, 2024

Submit A Proposal

Proposal Timeline:

  • Oct 1 – Proposal process opens
  • Nov 15 – Proposal process CLOSES
  • Dec 8 – Acceptance letters sent to those accepted
  • Jan 12 – Presenter confirmations due
  • Jan 26 – Early Bird registration closes (all presenters must be registered)
  • Feb 12 – Conference schedule goes live

Session Types

The #2024NASUP conference will feature four different types of presentation sessions.

SUP Partnership Research – These presentations focus on collaboration between universities and P-12 school partners. Viewpoints from all sides of the partnership should be evident. The sessions are paired-concurrent (2 groups presenting in a total one-hour timeslot).

SUP Practitioner-Focused Workshops – These workshops focus on practitioner instruction with practical applications. Participants should be actively involved with takeaway ideas and digital or physical resources. These interactive sessions are one-hour in length.

SUP Roundtable Discussions – In a one-hour timeframe, multiple discussions will occur simultaneously with participants able to rotate among discussion groups.

Pre-service Teacher Presentations – Presentations will be all electronic so that presenters can share their research via their own computer or tablet. Computers will be on high-top tables and set so that they can be easily seen. Attendees will rotate among presentations.