The Information Age Publishing NASUP Student Research Award

Nominations are now closed.  Check back for 2025 nomination deadlines.

2024 Awardees Olivia Carlson & Bailey Scoggin, Emporia State University 

Research Project Title:  “Kicking It Off Right with PDS Partnerships – Creating a Preservice Teacher Trauma-Informed Bootcamp!”

Award Information

The Information Age Publishing NASUP Student Research Award recognizes student research presentations done at the conference. 


In order for a candidate to be considered eligible for this award, they must:

  • Be a student member of NASUP at the time of the Annual Conference
  • Attend the annual conference and present your research 
  • Submit powerpoint presentation by the deadline


Students will create a powerpoint presentation that will include slides and accompanying audio and/or notes. All of the required elements must be included in the combination of slides and notes. The following must be included:


  • Describes the problem.
  • Clear research question stated.
  • Significance of problem is addressed

Context and Intervention/Focus Provided

  • Setting described.
  • Population identified.
  • Intervention/Focus explained.

Research Design

  • Design of study matches goals.
    Appropriate data sources.

Analysis of Data

  • Appropriate analysis for data collected.

Findings and Implications

  • Findings are presented clearly.
  • Implications from data proposed.
  • Connects back to the findings.


  • Research studies relating to the research question are referenced.

Overall Organization and Style of Slides and Notes

  • Clear, concise writing.
  • Grammar and punctuation.

In order to be considered for the award, students must submit their slides and notes by the deadline.

Selection Process

  1. All research materials must be submitted electronically to the link no later than March 18, 2024.
  2. A sub-committee of the Awards Committee will review student research using a  rubric based on the criteria detailed in the materials section above, as well as the following:
    1. Effectiveness of conference presentation
      1. Engaging, rehearsed presentation. 
      2. Thoughtful responses to audience questions.
  3. The winner(s) will be announced at the awards ceremony of the conference and publicized  via the NASUP publications and website.

Post-Award Contribution

  • Attend a session following the Awards Luncheon.
  • Share with the NASUP Awards committee about your presentation and advice for future applicants.

Student Research Award Recipients

2024 Student Research Award Recipients

Olivia Carlson & Bailey Scoggin, Emporia State University