Jason Kinsey Award

The Jason Kinsey Award Winner is selected by the Executive Leadership each year for outstanding service to the Association.

2023 Award Winner Dr. Doug Rogers

As a former board member and president of NAPDS, Doug Rogers led efforts to move NAPDS from its reliance on the University of South Carolina to independence as an organization. Because of his energy, enthusiasm, dedication, and strong sense of ethics, he facilitated this transition with grace and strong, principled orientation. He also served as president during our first independent conference in Jacksonville in 2017. He continues to serve as a member of the past presidents council and offers his invaluable guidance and support to the organization.

Award Information

From its earliest days, Jason Kinsey served NAPDS tirelessly as the conference coordinator with the University of South Carolina’s conference planning unit. He handled association and annual conference logistics and arrangements gracefully and efficiently, always available by phone or email to address concerns from members and officers. Upon his untimely death in 2015, the NAPDS leadership team established an award in his honor for individuals who have made important contributions, over time, to the organization.

The criteria for the Jason Kinsey Award are intentionally vague, as the organization recognizes that contributions may take many forms. The essential qualification is that the individual to be honored must have served to advance the mission and goals of NAPDS (now NASUP) in a significant and enduring way.  Honorees do not have to be members of NASAUP.

A Jason Kinsey Award plaque will be awarded at the Annual NASUP Conference. The Awards Committee will make arrangements for the honoree to be in attendance without revealing the award to the honoree in advance, if possible. Following the conference, the Awards Committee will prepare a press release for dissemination by the honoree, as desired.

Past Award Winners

Doug Rogers

Kristien Zenkov

Bernard Badiali

Karen Hassell

Billy Dixon

JoAnne Ferrara

Renee Middleton

Jason Kinsey