The School University Partnership (SUP) editorial team is actively seeking proposals for 2025 themed issues. An issue should include a minimum of eight to a maximum of ten articles. A maximum of one article in each issue can be invited; all others must be considered via a peer review process. These articles can be of two genres: Research Articles or Practitioner Papers. Each themed issue will require a guest editor or pair/team of guest editors. The themed issue will be published by Emerald Publishing.

Guest editors should submit a proposal that includes the following:

  1. Introduction of Guest Editor(s): Describe your relevant professional experiences, particularly with regard to editing a peer-reviewed journal and with regard to the theme you have selected.
  2. Rationale for the Theme: Why is this theme important to NASUP members and to the topics/fields of school-university partnerships, PDSs, and teacher education? How is this theme timely or relevant?
  3. List of Potential Authors: Be sure to consider individuals who are able to write effectively to meet the wide range of SUP readers. Articles need to be written to so that they are accessible, appropriate, and applicable to a diverse audience. Likewise, be sure that authors are representative of the association’s members. Make sure that you actively seek out authors who are not from your institution or affiliated with your institution’s partnership(s).
  4. A List of Potential Article Topics: Please provide a list of potential topics that would be appropriate to the proposed issue theme, with each accompanied by few descriptive sentences.

Please submit themed issue proposals to SUP at by Friday, April 19, 2024. A decision regarding the selected proposal(s) will be shared with guest editors by Friday, May 3, 2023 so that calls for articles can be sent to the NAPDS membership in a timely manner. SUP anticipates the publication of at least one themed issue per year. The full cycle of proposal acceptance through issue publication will occur during a less than one-year span. The editors anticipate that the 2025 guest issues will be published in Winter 2025 and Summer 2025.

Please contact David Hoppey, SUP Co-Editor, at, with any questions about this exciting opportunity.