Book Reviews

NAPDS is pleased to present a new feature for its members – on-line reviews of the books highly relevant to our work.  These initial reviews will focus on books endorsed by NAPDS, but will later expand to include those related to PDS and partnerships, teacher education/development, student learning, etc.  Our intent is to begin offering at least six reviews this first year, but eventually create an abundant archive of important reviews that will appeal across the organization.  The reviewers will be by invitation only from the Book Review Committee and each review will be peer reviewed.  In addition to the more traditional reviews, we will include Member Comments, along the lines of Amazon or Google reviews, to ensure we have a variety of perspectives.  The traditional book reviews will be relatively brief – 600-1000 words and the Member Comments will be limited to 75 words.  All reviews and feedback are to be written as constructive with kindness in mind.  It will be assumed that if a book has been selected, a level of value has already been determined.  

Those interested in reviewing books and acting as peer reviewers are asked to contact Alison Rutter at