2021 Themed Issue:
The Response and Responsibility of School-University Partnerships in a Time of Crisis

Volume 14, Number 3

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Front Matter

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Themed Issue: The Response and Responsibility of School-University Partnerships in a Time of Crisis 
Janna Dresden, Melissa A. Baker,  Diane W. Gómez

The Radical Shift Because It Matters: Teaching for Equity and Justice in PDS Partnerships 
Michele Myers

A Case Study of a School-University Partnership Focused on Literacy and Equity: Responding to COVID-19 in the Early Grades 
Claudia L. Galindo, Susan Sonnenschein, Mavis G. Sanders

Teacher Candidates’ Perspectives of Infusing Innovative Pedagogical Methods and Trauma-Informed Practices into a Teacher Education Program During the COVID-19 Pandemic
David Hoppey, Karley Mills, Debbie Reed, Chris Collinsworth

An Investigation of Mentor Teachers’ and Student Teacher Candidates’ Perceptions of Co-Teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Mariha Shields, Sue Rieg, Sara Rutledge

Preparing Preservice Teachers in the Midst of a Pandemic 
Sara Tipton, Vicki Schmitt

Dismantling Barriers to the Demographic Imperative: Illuminating and Addressing Hurdles Experienced by Global-Majority Teacher Residents in School-University Partnerships 
Teresa Fisher-Ari, Anne E. Martin, DaShaunda Patterson, Haimanot Getahun Haile, Elizabeth Tennies, Huan Ngo

Intentional Improvising: An Extreme Pacific Region School-University Self-Study in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis
Brooke Ward Taira, Keith Cross, Summer Maunakea, Ivy Yeung, Deborah Zuercher

Prepared to Take Responsibility: Practitioner Inquiry for Social Justice in a Professional Development School Partnership 
Danielle Butville, Sarah Hanrahan, Rachel Wolkenhauer

Academy for Future Teachers: Transitioning to Virtual Delivery 
Susan L. Ogletree, Yasmine Bey

“Figure it Out:” Stories About a PDS Partnership that Put the Needs of Students First 
Christopher Shively, Elizabeth Malinowski, Jill Clark

Critical Creative Out of the Box Thinking in COVID Times 
Shuang Fu, Ruth Harman, Maverick Y. Zhang

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