2020 Themed Issue:
SUP Special Issue Published: “Equity in Professional Development School Partnerships”

Volume 13, Number 3

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Front Matter

Table of Contents

Forward to the 2020 SUP Special Issue: “Equity in Professional Development School Partnerships”
Drew Polly and Christie Martin

 Context Matters: Cultivating Dispositions of Responsive and Equitable Teachers for Urban Schools
Diane M. Truscott, S. Mia Obiwo

Stephanie L. Savick, Candice Logan-Washington

Rachel Ranschaert, Amy Murphy

Jennifer Jacobs, Rebecca West Burns, Samantha Haraf, Francesca Perrone-Britt, Amanda Bellas, Maureen Holt

Danielle E. Hartsfield, Diana Chang, Victoria Bottoms, Kristina Cherres

Amber Macdonald, Nicholas M. Catania, Samantha Haraf

Beth Tolley, Cristina Valencia Mazzanti

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