SUP 2017 Themed Issue: Teacher Inquiry

Volume 10, Number 4

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Front Matter
Table of Contents

Foreword to the Fall 2017 SUP Special Issue:
Teacher Inquiry in Professional Development Schools: How it Makes a Difference

Invited Piece:
Practitioner Inquiry and PDS Work: A Reflection on 25 Years of Purpose, Problems and Potential
Nancy F. Dana

Section I: Research about Teacher Inquiry in Professional Development Schools

Action Research in Professional Development Schools: Does it Make a Difference?
Eva Garin

Developing an Inquiry Stance Through PDS Action: Does it Maintain After Graduation?
Stephanie Dodman, Lois Groth, Sophia Ra, Anne Baker, and Samira Ramezan

Collaborative Professional Development School (PDS) Action-Research Classroom Studies for Change and Improvement
Linda A. Catelli, Joan Carlino, and Gina Petraglia

Using Clinical Teaching to Increase Student Achievement in High-Needs, Urban, Partnership Schools
Gwendolyn Benson, William Curlette, Susan Ogletree, and Robert Hendrick

Section II: How to Conduct Teacher Inquiry

Simultaneous Inquiry: Renewing Partnerships and People in Professional Development Schools
René Roselle, Robin E. Hands, Dorothea Anagnostopoulos, Tom Levine, June Cahill, Annie Kuhn, and Colleen Plis

Genius Hour as Teacher Inquiry: Professional Learning for Teacher Candidates and Teachers
Gayle Andrews, Katherine F. Thompson, Conor P. Naughton, and Morgan Waters

Section III: Samples of Teacher Inquiry

Deliberate Investigations of a Flipped Class
Rachelle M. Rogers, Douglas W. Rogers, John Choins, and Herb Cox

Code Blue: A Lesson in Teacher Inquiry in a Professional Development School
Erinn Bentley and Jennifer Gray

Section IV: Case in Point about Teacher Inquiry

Maryland’s Journey in Creating a Culture of Teacher Inquiry Statewide
Maggie Madden

Teacher Inquiry and Clinical Partnerships Help Transform Teacher Preparation
Laurie A. Henry, Lisa Hyde, and Marcy K. Kennedy