SUP 2016 Themed Issue: What is a PDS?

Volume 9, Number 3

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Front Matter
Table of Contents

Why We Must Answer the Question “What is a Professional Development School?”
Kristien Zenkov, James Shiveley, Ellen Clark

Evidence-Sensitive Synthesis of Professional Development School Outcomes
David R. Snow, Siobhan Flynn, Katie Whisenand, Erin Mohr

Pathways to Partnership: A Developmental Framework for Building PDS Relationships
Audra K. Parker, Seth A. Parsons, Lois A. Groth, Elizabeth Levine Brown

Is it Possible to Sustain Innovation, Community, and Responsiveness in Teacher Education when a Unique Pilot PDS Becomes a Program-Wide Model
Linda K. Reece, Alli Roberts, and Keri Smith

What is a PDS? Reframing the Conversation
Janna Dresden, Selena Blankenship, Bob Capuozzo, Allison Nealy, Mark Tavernier

Making Muffins: Identifying Core Ingredients of School-University Partnerships
Rebecca West Burns, Jennifer Jacobs, Wendy Baker, Denise Donahue

Considering Professional Development School Partnerships in Light of CAEP Standard Two
Drew Polly

Cultivating, Connecting, and Capitalizing on our Merged Spaces: Voices from a PDS
Jon Yoshioka, Vail Matsumoto, Lori Fulton, Cesceli Nakamura

Advancing a Professional Development System: Evolution and Evaluation
Somer Lewis, Tamara M. Walser

Revealing Dispositions: A Comparison Study of a Traditional Pathway University Model and a Clinical Pathway University Model
Angela Danley, Natalie Tye, Karen Loman, Aprille Barlow, Nicole Nickens

Graduate Teaching Fellowships as New Teacher Induction: School-University Partnerships’ Impact on Teaching Self-Efficacy
Sarah L. Hartman, Christopher Kennedy, Brian Brady