In accordance with NAPDS’s commitment to shared leadership with members of both the P-12 and IHE sectors, we are seeking P-12 educators to serve on the Conferences and Programs Committee.  NAPDS is seeking a P-12 educator to serve as Co-Chair and additional P-12 educators to serve as committee members.

If you are interested in serving on the committee, please email Suzanne Porath, Chair.

According to the NAPDS Bylaws:

…[t]his committee shall be responsible for developing regular initiatives and events. This committee shall coordinate and supervise Association program activities and shall coordinate with other committees and  the Executive Leadership Committee.  The annual Conference committee shall be a sub-committee of this group.  The Committee Chair recommends  annual Conference Chair(s) for approval by the Executive Leadership Committee.  The Committee Chair(s) will serve on the annual conference committee and be the liaison between the Executive Leadership Committee and the annual Conference Chairs. 

The Co-Chair is a volunteer position. Applicants must be members of NAPDS. The appointed chair will serve as part of the association’s leadership committee. Interested applicants should send a vitae or resume and letter of interest to Michael Cosenza, Executive Director at