The NAPDS Proposal Submission Site for the 2024 Conference in Anaheim, California is open until November 15th.

The conference will feature 4 different types of presentation sessions. What type of presentation will you propose?

1.    SUP Research – These presentations focus on collaboration between universities and P-12 school partners. Viewpoints from all sides of the partnership should be evident. These are paired concurrent sessions where your presentation will be paired with another presentation for an hour on a similar topic. You will present for 30 minutes, and the presenter matched to you will present for 30 minutes.

2.    SUP Practitioner-Focused Workshops – These workshops focus on practitioner instruction with practical applications. Participants should be actively involved with takeaway ideas and digital or physical resources. These interactive sessions are one-hour in length.

3.    SUP Roundtable Discussions – In a one-hour timeframe, multiple discussions will occur simultaneously with participants able to rotate among discussion groups.

4.    Pre-service Teacher Presentations –Presentations will be all electronic so that presenters can share their research via their own computer or tablet. Computers will be on high-top tables and set so that they can be easily seen. Attendees will rotate among presentations.