Call for Proposals

6th Annual PDS-SERVE Conference

November 11-12, 2022

Hosted by Georgia State University

College of Education & Human Development

Atlanta, GA

The Joy of School-University Partnerships: Collaborating to Make Impactful Change

Professional Development Schools—Southeastern Regional Vision for Education (PDS SERVE) is seeking proposals for its sixth annual conference, which will be held November 11-12, 2022 on the campus of Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA. The purpose of the conference is to provide a space for dialogue and discovery about genuine collaborative partnerships between P-12 institutions and institutions of higher education.

At this conference we look forward to experiencing the joy that comes with connecting with one other and sharing stories of programs, initiatives, and research that bring us joy and strengthen our community of school-university partnerships in the Southeast.

PDS SERVE invites proposals that address at least one of the following four strands:

  • Preparing Teacher Candidates
  • Developing P-20 Educators
  • Learning for P-20 Students
  • Inquiry/Research in School-University Partnerships

Within each of these strands, we expect presenters to address the conference theme— The Joy of School-University Partnerships: Collaborating to Make Impactful Change.

In researcher Brene Brown’s most recent book Atlas of the Heart, she devotes a section to the emotion of “joy,” saying that “Joy expands our thinking and attention, and it fills us with a sense of freedom and abandon…it is the ‘good mood of the soul.’” In these particularly challenging times, educators continue to advocate for instilling the joy of teaching and learning into the profession. School-universities partnerships also recognize the importance of joy in fostering learning and growth and the joy we experience in our partnership relationships. Joy is the fuel that propels our collaborative work forward and leads to impactful change that enhances the lives of educators and students. Rantala and Määttä (2012) found that joy in the classroom can be enhanced through, for example, experiences with success, student-directed instruction, and play.

Reflecting on joy in our collaborations, we might consider questions that probe our thinking around this powerful, intense emotion so that we can acknowledge the important role it plays in our work. What conditions foster joy in partnerships? What support do educators and P-20 students need to experience joy in their classrooms and school/university communities? How are partners cultivating joy in the process of making change together? What challenges do partners experience in cultivating joy?  How are research agendas and site-based initiatives centering or recognizing and prioritizing the joy in the collaborative work?

Session Format

The 2022 PDS SERVE conference will be in-person on Saturday, November 12th in the following format:

  • Concurrent Sessions: Sessions will be 45-minutes in length and held in a physical meeting space (i.e., face-to-face). Presenters should plan to include ample time for Q & A and discussion during the session. Note any special technology, equipment, or seating needs in your proposal, and please understand that we may not be able to accommodate all requests.


Proposals must include a 150–200-word description, an indication of the presentation format, and any special requests for room or technology accommodations. All proposals must be submitted through THIS LINK. The deadline for proposals is September 26, 2022.

Conference Essentials

  • Registration, Lodging, and Area Information: Conference registration is open via this link. Information about registration, lodging, and the local area will be posted at the conference website.
  • Conference Venue: The conference will be held on the main campus of the Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA.

Pre-conference Opportunities: Attendees may participate in pre-conference excursions on November 11 to schools involved in School-University Partnerships in Atlanta, GA. Registration can be found HERE.