School-University Partnerships to Support Student Learning and Teacher Inquiry 

PDS Partners: Bridging Research to Practice is a peer-reviewed journal published by the National Association for Professional Development School Partnerships (NAPDS). We are pleased to announce a call for articles for the 2022 Themed Issue that will be published as a series of open-access articles online. 

Potential Article Topics 

Author(s) are encouraged to consider how school-university partnerships have supported (or have the potential to support) student learning and/or teacher inquiry. Articles may be descriptions of projects, research or evaluation studies focused on bridging research to practice, or conceptual papers related to the role of school-university partnerships on student learning and/or teacher inquiry.

Authors are encouraged to email the editorial team with their ideas before submitting a full article. Specific topics could include, but are not limited to: 

  • Supporting student learning through school-university partnerships, such as:
    • Partnerships formed with an intentional goal of improving student learning in a content or subject area (e.g., literacy, math, science, social studies) 
    • Providing professional learning opportunities on ideas to promote student learning. This topic may include various stakeholders, including: faculty from school settings, faculty from university settings, and/or teacher candidates. 
    • Leveraging teacher candidates or others to provide instructional support focused on areas of student learning  (e.g., tutoring, teaching small groups, etc.) 
    • COVID-19 related efforts to use partnership efforts to address unfinished learning 
  • Supporting teacher inquiry focused on examining specific instructional practices and/or student learning 
    • Impact of teacher inquiry or lessons learned from teacher inquiry projects (e.g., action research) 
    • Leveraging partnership work to support teacher-initiated inquiry projects completed as part of partnership work, graduate school course work, etc. 
    • Modifications partnerships have made related to teacher inquiry due to COVID-19

Potential Timeline

First draft of articles- February 15, 2022 Second draft of articles- June 1, 2022 

Final edits and revisions- August 1, 2022

Editorial Team 

Christie Martin, University of South Carolina- 

Kristin Harbour, University of South Carolina-

Madelyn Colonnese, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 

Drew Polly, University of North Carolina at Charlotte- 

Articles can range between 3,000 and 10,000 words and should be formatted according to APA 7th Edition guidelines.