Hosted as a special, invitation only, conference session extension of NASUP and/or ATE for $75 to all new and returning fellows.

Deadline to apply to be a Clinical Practice Fellow extended to January 12, 2024.

Are you interested in clinical practice? Are you an educator invested in solving real issues and challenges related to developing school-university partnerships and centering clinical practice within educator preparation programs?

If you answered “Yes!” to these questions, you are encouraged to apply to be a Clinical Practice Fellow.

Who are Clinical Practice Fellows?
Clinical Practice Fellows are a community of school- and university-based teacher educators who have a strong interest in clinical practice. Clinical Practice Fellows consist of higher-education faculty, doctoral students, clinical field coordinators, mentor teachers, principals, and teacher leaders committed to engaging in collaborative dialogue focused on centering clinical practice and developing school-university partnerships within teacher education programs. Clinical Practice Fellows are selected through an application process.

What do Clinical Practice Fellows do?
Clinical Practice Fellows network with one another, share research and teaching interests and hear from some of the top scholars and practitioners in the field as they engage in a national dialogue. These collaborations occur annually at the national symposium and throughout the year as we collectively dialogue on placing clinical practice at the center of teacher education.

When is the 2024 Clinical Fellows Symposium?
The symposium is a bridging activity that occurs following the 2024 NAPDS/NASUP annual conference and preceding the 2024 ATE annual conference. The 2024 Clinical Fellows Symposium is scheduled for Wednesday, March 27th in Anaheim, California.

What is the 2024 Clinical Practice Fellows Symposium theme?
This year’s Clinical Practice Fellows Symposium theme, Operationalizing Opportunity through Amplification: The Voices of Clinically Based Teacher Education, will be action-oriented and discussion-based. It is designed to bring teams together to work on problems of practice they face in their contexts. Participants will have the opportunity to network with fellows who share similar challenges. Together we will generate ideas, brainstorm advocacy opportunities, and develop action plans. Thus, we will rethink the nature of clinical practice, re-imagine our partnerships, and re-envision equitable experiences that support all stakeholders.

How to apply?

Returning Clinical Fellows Click Here to Apply

We hope to see past Clinical Fellows return and we invite you to share your work related to clinical practice. Once a Clinical Fellow, always a Clinical Fellow, thus former symposium participants need to complete the 2024 Clinical Fellows Symposium Returning Fellows Form by
January 12, 2024. Included in this form is the call for Clinical Fellows Presentation Session Proposal.

New Clinical Fellows Click Here to Apply

The application process is competitive but simple. To apply, please prepare a brief response (no more than 150 words for each) to the following items through the application link provided by January 12, 2024.
● Provide a brief bio,
● Prepare a statement as to why you are applying to be a Clinical Practice Fellow, and
● Include a description, along with your goals for attending the 2024 symposium.

The deadline to apply is extended to January 12, 2024. Please reach out to the planning team with any questions. We can be reached at