2022 Themed Issue: Leveraging School-University Partnerships for Student Learning and Teacher Inquiry

Volume 17, Number 2

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Introduction to the SUP Themed Issue: Do Partnerships Matter?
Christie Martin, Drew Polly, Kristin Harbour, and Madeline Colonnese

Section I: Innovations in School-University Partnerships

Reimagining Wraparound Supports to Address School Discipline: A Restorative Approach
Jaalil Hart and Bettie Ray Butler

Designing an Innovation School: Perspectives from a School-University Partnership
Michele Garabedian Stork, Melissa Rodriguez-Meehan, Cynthia Dawn Martelli, Helen Martin, Nate Turcotte, Adam Molly, and Charles Xiaoxue Wang

Preparing Pre-Service Educators for Family Collaborations: Developing Partnerships to Support Learning
Laura S. McCorkle, Sheena Jennings, and Lisa Cloninger

Learning and Leadership through Sustainability Education: School-University Partnerships Supporting Collaboration and Student Voice
William L. Sterrett, Kat Pohlman, Sabrina Hill-Black, Somer Lewis, Laura Jennings, Jodi Hebert, Kemeka Sidbury, Amy Horgan, Sohail Sukhera, Jackson Norvell, Ann Brooks, Jaime Conti, and Jennifer Williams

Using Practice-Based Teaching Experiences to Leverage Teacher Candidate Effectiveness
Madelyn Colonnese and Drew Polly

Section II: School-University Partnerships in the Context of COVID-19

Teaching Through a Pandemic: Possibilities for Student Engagement Created by University- School-Community Partnership
Daniel Peña, Patricia Benitez Hemans, and Lynn Susholtz

A School-University Partnership for Integrated STEM Learning: Curriculum Modifications and Considerations for Emergency Remote Teaching
Jeanna R. Wieselmann, Marc T. Sager, and Lily Binford

Supporting and Recovering Science Learning Loss with a Game-based Learning Approach Leveraging a School-University Partnership
Ai-Chu Elisha Ding, Jessica DuBois, Erik J. Shaver, Jill Bradley-Levine, Cathy J. Siebert, Regina Giraldo-Garcia

Section III: School-University Partnerships in Mathematics and STEM Education

Teaching Responsively: Learning from the Pedagogical Reasoning of Experienced Elementary Mathematics Teachers
Sarah Selmer, Denise Lindstrom

Preparing and Supporting Elementary Mathematics Specialists through School-University-Community Partnerships
Susan Swars Auslander, Carla L. Tanguay, Kayla D. Myers, Karen L. Phillips, and Travis Sanders

Developing a Schoolwide Instructional Vision in a STEM School Partnership
Anne Garrison Wilhelm, Jamie D. Gravell, and Robyn K. Pinilla

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