2019 Themed Issue:
SUP Special Issue Published: “Goodlad’s Legacy: A Deliberation of Simultaneous Renewal”

Volume 12, Number 1

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Front Matter

Table of Contents

Forward to the Summer 2019 SUP Special Issue: Goodlad’s Legacy: A Deliberation of Simultaneous Renewal

Megan E. Lynch and Bernard Badiali

Section I: Historical Perspectives of John Goodlad’s Work

John Goodlad and the Origins of Simultaneous Renewal

Robert V. Bullough, Jr. 

Goodlad’s Five-Year Study Across Three Texts: The Moral Dimensions of Teaching, Places Where Teachers are Taught, and Teachers for our Nation’s Schools

Megan E. Lynch and Bernard Badiali

Section II: The Greater Context of Partnership Work, Democracy, and Simultaneous Renewal

Examining School-University Partnerships: Synthesizing the Work of Goodlad, AACTE, and NAPDS

Drew Polly, Luke T. Reinke, and S. Michael Putman

Partnering, Democratic Citizenship, and Goodlad’s Agenda for Education in a Democracy

Robert V. Bullough, Jr. 

Section III: Professional Development Schools through the Lens of Goodlad’s Work

Engaging Goodlad’s Postulates in Clinically-Based Social Studies Teacher Education

Sonia Janis, Mardi Schmeichel, and Joe McAnulty

The Influence of John Goodlad’s Legacy: Developing a School-University Partnership in an Urban School District

Shamaine Bazemore-Bertrand, Erin Quast, and Kay Green

Transforming Math Education through Revitalization of the PDS Model

Julie Thiele and Sherri Martinie

Section IV: Narratives and First-Person Perspectives on Democracy and Renewal

Finding our Place in the Third Space: The Authority of Not Knowing as Becoming in School-University Partnership Work

Hannah Carter, Jennifer Snow, Sara DiGrazia, and Sherry Dismuke

Stewards of Simultaneous Renewal: Re-grounding our Work in Memory, Relationships, and Time

Holly Klock

What This Course is for: Contemplating Goodlad’s Legacy to Reclaim Teaching 

Sarrah J. Grubb

Epilogue to the Summer 2019 SUP Special Issue: Remembering Yesterday

Bernard Badiali

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